I’ve been having a bit of a mare today.

It started around 7.30 when the alarm went off and I couldn’t really believe it was time to get up already.

Then I broke the shower. Well, I say “shower”, but I use the word in the loosest sense of the term. It’s really just a crappy piece of white plastic stuck onto the taps that redirects the water through the hose. At least, it used to be. Now it’s a crappy piece of white plastic half stuck onto the taps that sends a jet of boiling hot water shooting across the bathroom when you turn it on, and that looks like it’s going to fall off due to the pressure at any moment.

Somehow, in spite of various problems on the Victoria line (and the 20 mins I spent trying in vain to screw the shower attachment back onto the taps) I made it to work on time, albeit in my obviously un-ironed shirt.

Still, it’s not all bad. Today in my email, amongst the spam, I found a short story that’s someone in Washington DC has submitted to Paste (that’s only the second time ever that someone random from the InterWebNet has actually sent something in. Hmm. Probably shouldn’t say that, should I?) I’ll be putting it up on the site at some point today when I get a spare moment.

Oh, and we’re off to a comedy club tonight, which looks like fun.