Two things caught my eye this morning:

First, there’s this memo to staff at ebay. Must be a fun place to work.

Secondly, some of the ideas on this BBC news page about Ken Livingstone’s offer of £100,000 to anyone who can solve the problem of cooling the underground are fantastic. I vote for the gondolas!

Last night I went drinking and eating curry with my old colleagues. I’m still undecided about the whole issue of whether I made the right decision by taking the new job, but it’s slightly reassuring to realise that nothing ever changes; they’re still bitching about all the same stuff. I was surprisingly pissed afterwards, so much so that I fell asleep on the train and woke up in Feltham (again!) Luckily there was one more train back.

Some time this morning a water main burst up the road in enfield, this caused traffic chaos during the rush hour, but worse than that, the whole of EN2 has no water today, so we’ve got no means of making coffee in the building (we’ve also been asked not to flush the toilets unless it is absolutely necessary!) I’m struggling to stay awake after last night…

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  1. Matt- after a night of drinking you couldn’t flush the toilets? Not poor you for no coffee- your poor work mates!!

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