Oh dear. Over the weekend, E4 began showing the current US series of Big Brother. After spending an unhealthy proportion of yesterday glued to the story so far of the antics of these 12 unfeasibly good looking young people (and Jack), I believe Sally and myself are, for want of a better word, hooked. After the new depths of inanity plumbed by the UK version this year, the constant stream of Survivor-style challenges, contests for head of house, alliances and whispered nomination discussions (neither of which would be allowed in our version), makes a refreshing change. One of them has already been kicked out for throwing oversized chess pieces and plastic chairs around (well known dangerous weapons that they are); two of them got it on and then he voted her out the next day; all of which is not to mention the fact that 10 of the 13 original contestants are sharing the house with their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends.

The only thing that might save us is the fact that it is only on E4, and we therefore have to be at my house to watch it.