Convince yourself that everything is alright… ‘cos it already is

He might have thrown away all his best songs (and by “best songs” I mean the ones I know…) in the first half of the show, but I still really enjoyed seeing Pete Yorn at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire last night. Sadly there was no She Bangs the Drum cover this time, though.

Oh, and he was supported by two bands with what are possibly the worst names I’ve ever heard: Fiction Plane, and Ambulance Ltd. Sadly, we arrived too late to see the (no doubt) mighty Fiction Plane, but Ambulance Ltd were alright in a harmlessly-melodic-indie sort of way. They also had at least one fan in there, judging by the shouts of “Ambulance, we love you!” from a guy to my left. I’m not sure if he was being ironic, but I did see someone wearing one of their T-Shirts on my way out of the venue (not that that means much – I also saw someone in a Something for Kate T-Shirt, proving as ever that there is a corner of South West London that is forever North Melbourne).