You Need A Holiday! Somewhere In The Sun…

What with Rob’s recent posts from his secondment in Hong Kong, and my counter having finally reached zero (meaning I am now allowed to go on holiday), the Paste weblogs are about to become truly global.

Assuming that the crew of my BA flight this evening haven’t had a few too many pints before take off, [the headline on today’s Daily Mirror said: “Too Drunk To Fly”–how drunk is too drunk to fly? Is just a little bit drunk ok?] I shall be arriving in Melbourne on Friday (I thought I just wouldn’t bother with Thursday this week) for a much-needed break.

I can’t wait.

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  1. See my comment in the guestbook. And none of that spitting out the window as you pass over Hong Kong.

  2. grrrrrrrrr
    this has been the Longest Week Ever ™ for me, and I’m only just now halfway done.

  3. Actually, it has seemed like the Longest Week Ever ™ to me too (or was that last week).

    Nearly there now though. Anyway, aren’t you off to the Maldives next week? Not like you have too much to complain about, then, is it?

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