Moving, just keep moving…

This lunchtime, after much queueing and some rigmarole in the bank, we finally obtained the necessary funds in the appropriate form (your handy choice, from the estate Agent that likes to say “no, you can’t write us a cheque”, of either a wad of used fivers or an IOU scrawled in Eddie George’s blood), and signed up for our fab new flat in London’s-trendy-Islington ((c) the daily mail). We move in a week on Monday, and I can’t wait. Mainly it’s for the much reduced commute, but I also expect that, living somewhere like that, I will be practically falling over celebrities every time I go out of the house. Frankly, if I’m not best mates with Dido by the end of the month I’ll be asking for my money back.

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  1. Sometime in January, probably.

    Don’t worry. We’ll let you know. Having said that, the flat really isn’t big enough to invite lots of people round to, so we might get you all round to the house one night to have a look and then quickly decamp to a very lovely pub just down the street.

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