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  1. so what did the estate agents do (or not do, as the case may be)?

  2. Oh, they were just generally rubbish, but we were specifically annoyed about the fact that they rushed us in there by making us move in a week earlier than we wanted to, and then failed to be around to let me in (as we had arranged) on the day I was supposed to move in, leaving me stuck at the station with a whole load of heavy bags. I then had to make my way to the landlord’s to get a set of keys.

    The other main bone of contention, again bearing in mind the fact that we had to move in earlier than we wanted to, is the fact that our “furnished” flat is still missing its wardrobe a week after we moved in, despite us being reassured by the agents several weeks ago that all the furniture had arrived and had been assembled.

    I’ve chosen to exact my anger by satirically renaming them “London and Shitty Estate Agents”. I bet they’re scared.

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