Angel and Jon came over to visit us last night, and they accompanied Sally and I on our second trip to the world of randomness that is the Hemingford Arms (don’t forget to close that window now!)

This time we sat in a different corner of the pub, further away from the comedy vaulting mannequin, but in a suitable spot to inspect the dangling accordions, assorted stuffed animals and classical statues with anachronistic headgear.

As well as offering me the chance to bump into the poshest person I knew at Bristol, someone I hadn’t seen for probably 4 years, navy Hugo, briefly released from his Plymouth-based submarine captivity, the pub also unexpectedly provided us with a short but challenging pub quiz. Our score was respectable, but didn’t trouble the leading teams. I think I will be back to try again.

Afterwards, I was slightly drunk. Which might explain the two stolen pint glasses in our kitchen this morning, and also the vivid dream I had in which I conceived an entire advertising campaign for digital radio to be shown on the BBC.

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  1. Hugo was lovely. Really, really lovely. Purrr.

    I’m sure your dream slogan can’t be any worse than the current “Make Time for BBC Digital Radio” one that I discussed here.

  2. It wasn’t just a slogan, it was a whole series of TV ads. For some reason it involved a lot of people at the top of a mountain wearing white coats.

  3. How was bloke Hugo? Is your local a regular shore leave haunt of his?

  4. Bloke Hugo seemed pretty well (Angel and Sal certainly thought so at least). I don’t think our local is a regular haunt of his–he was just meeting some friends there.

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