Dingo Stole My Baby (My Amazon thinks I’m emigrating)

I love getting Amazon recommendations. I appreciate their attempts to do something clever with their user data, but in my case, preferring as I do to get most of my books from real shops, and my CDs and DVDs from cd-wow and play, I actually shop there so rarely–and when I do, it’s often to purchase presents for people–that their recommendations are always laughably skewed towards the randomness of my occasional purchases. On purchasing a kitchen applicance from them over the weekend, I found the following list of recommendations attached to the confirmation email. Are they trying to tell me something? (must be that Rolf Harris boxset and boomerang collection I bought the other week, or something)

Recommendations for your next visit:

Australia: A Biography of a Nation by Phillip Knightley

Getting into Australia: The Complete Immigration Guide to Gaining Your Visa (How to S.) by Matthew Collins

At Home in Australia by Peter Conrad

Australia : Journey Through a Timeless Land: Journey Through a Timeless Land by Roff Smith, Sam Abell (Photographer)

Bug Australia: The Backpacker’s Ultimate Guide by Tim Uden