And if a double decker bus/Crashes into us/Then to die by your side/Is Such a Heavenly Way To Die

I suppose that some of you (hello Pete) might be wondering why the level of bloggage around these parts has dropped off a bit recently (and given that I still haven’t got around to setting up one of them thar RSS feeds, you’re probably getting increasingly frustratingly trigger-happy with the Refresh button).

So why the recent lack of new posts? I’m not sure, actually. I suppose it’s partly because I realised that a lot of my recent posts have been a bit on the ranting, negative side, and I had sort of resolved that I wouldn’t post again until I had something positive to talk about. Perhaps that explains why I haven’t posted anything for over a week. I could tell you all about my various battles with the incompetence of Islington council, who apparently aren’t very interested in helping us recycle, our landlord, who apparently isn’t very interested in doing anything, and the utility companies, who apparently aren’t very interested in charging us to receive their supplies.

But I won’t.

Instead, I’ll only talk about nice things. Well, for starters I went on a free holiday to Switzerland last weekend, our “company outing”, which was great. In a couple of weeks I’m going on a free day trip to Paris, also paid for by work.

Oh, and Spring seems to finally be on its way, judging by the appearance of a round shiny thing in the sky on my way to work, and my not really needing my coat.

Also, Glastonbury tickets go onsale the week after next, although in a bid to outwit ebay scammers, they’re apparently only available to nice people, who can send two character references via carrier pigeon to an address in Shepton and pay in coins (exact money only). Either that or it’s something to do with debit cards, cheques, and providing names for ticket holders. One or the other, I’m sure.

And, as if that’s not all, in a stroke of genius, the random play on my MP3 player just gave me the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch, which segued rather wonderfully into Kevin Carter by The Manics, neatly followed up by There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths. And what could be happier than that?

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