10:34 Flinders Street Station

In the end, Jet solved the dilemma of how they would fill an hour and three quarters by not playing for an hour and three quarters, and as such we were in the pub well before last orders. Still, an excellent gig, only slightly marred by the we-didn’t-realise-Spinal-Tap-was-a-parody rock posturings of the utterly appalling support band, Young Heart Attack, (Young Coma, more like–since when was rock n’ roll supposed to send you to sleep?) and the fact that we had tickets for the seating section upstairs, not somewhere I’d previously been for a gig at Brixton. Thankfully, by two songs into Jet’s set, the stewards had given up shining their torches at the audience in an attempt to get 1,000 people to sit down, and we stood for the whole gig.

And having seen the band from Sal’s home town last night, we get to watch some scallys from Southport do similar things this evening. Can’t wait.