It’s going to be an interesting week…

Unfortunately I can’t really say anything more about that for now, so I’ll have to make do with telling you about my bank holiday weekend. And it was just as well that it was a long weekend, because we weren’t in much of a state to function yesterday after Steve and Casey’s afternoon BBQ (something of a typically English affair, involving people running into the house every time the rain started, with the notable exception of the apparently normal, but slightly scary, pyromanic bloke who worked on Big Brother, who was content to stoke the fire with some of the chemically treated wood he’d brought with him to burn) turned into an all day drinking session that ended (for some inexplicable reason) with us in an impossibly hot Walkabout, with me bemoaning the awful music policy–seriously, would it really be that hard to play something from the last 10 years that isn’t rubbish? And does anyone really need to hear the Proclaimers? Honestly.

When we eventually surfaced yesterday, and discovered it to be a much nicer day, we headed off for a gentle wander down through Islington in the sunshine, with the vaugest intentions of heading maybe for Clerkenwell. Somehow, though, when we hit the canal (not literally, obviously), we just kept walking, and ended up strolling through the heart of East London, somehow winding up in London Fields, somewhere previously known only to me as the Martin Amis novel of the same name. After a late lunch in a very nice pub, we both went to sleep in a park surrounded by people playing music, smoking flavoured tabacco and tending to small disposable BBQs. It would have felt very much like being at a festival, were it not for the sound of the Stansted Express trundling along the raised tracks a short distance away. Still, with less than two weeks to go before my personal festival season kicks off, and today’s Glasto lineup announcement, I’m already anticipating a fine, fun summer.

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  1. “And does anyone really need to hear the Proclaimers?”

    Exactly! Utter fucking shit! Especially “I’m Gonna be (500) miles”. Someone stick a Dyson against my ears to suck out my ear drums.

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