Non Blog

Something of a mid-festival lull at the moment, so I don’t have anything exciting to write about (well, there is that one thing that’s going to affect my everyday life in quite a significant way–and, perhaps, my ability to blog with impunity between the hours of 9 and 5–but I’m not sure I should announce it to the world before certain other people know about it, and if you know me, you’ll know what I’m talking about anyway…)

So, in the absence of any of that, here’s some links:

– Using their own highly-scientific research method, here’s proof from Google that the fair and balanced Fox news lies (there’s a good breakdown of the OfCom ruling here).

– This music quiz might be a shameless plug for the Observer Music Magazine, but it’s a nice use of all those mini band posters they had all over the underground recently.

– I meant to blog this on Bloomsday itself, but here it is anyway: the BBC’s handy guide to Joyce’s Ulysses. Now I never need to bother reading it. In fact, I might just burn all my books for good measure.