Comment Spammers: What a bunch of Wankers

Last week, I was forced to remove the guestbook from this website after it was repeatedly spammed by mindless idiot comment spammers, who try to boost the page rank of their sites by posting links to them on the comments systems of other websites. Now, they seem to be attacking the blogs: yesterday I had to delete over 100 comments from across both blogs, and block the IP addresses. This morning, it seems to have started again. I just had about 10 new comments to delete from a bunch of different IP addresses, which are now blocked. If it continues like this, I may need to turn off the comments system until I can replace it with some better way of keeping this rubbish out (or maybe just stop allowing links in comments, since that’s the only reason they do it).

Fucking idiots.

UPDATE: Actually, I’ve decided to take down the comment functionality altogether for the time being. I don’t really have time to deal with these “motherfucking asshole bitchface motherfuckers” (thanks Angel) right now. I’ll try to have it back up by the end of the week, but for now I’ll just say sorry if you wanted to leave a comment–I will sort this out as soon as I can.

UPDATE 2: Worked out a simple temporary solution that would have stopped all the spam I’ve had up to this point, so comments are back up again. For now. If I get more spam, I might need to take them down again (and, of course, longer term I will need to implement something a bit more robust), but hopefully this should be good for now. Hopefully the fact that I’m running a completely self-written blog system should be enough to make it not worth the spammers time adjusting their script to work with my blog… We’ll see!

4 thoughts on “Comment Spammers: What a bunch of Wankers”

  1. Don’t you mean “motherfucking asshole bitchface motherfuckers”?

  2. Comments are back on. Hopefully I won’t have to turn them off again for the time being…

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