Metric Martyrs

Almost 8 months after moving into our flat (that’s 8 months into a 12 month lease), we’ve finally managed to persuade someone to charge us for our energy supplies. Unfortunately, in what is no doubt an affectionate tribute to the metric martyrs, the cheeky scamps at London Energy are clinging to the Imperial system and trying to charge us for our gas as if we had an old meter measuring usage in cubic feet, rather than a modern metric meter (thereby effectively charging us three times as much as they should be when they multiply our already metric reading by 3 as part of the imperial to metric conversion). I’m only two phone calls into the process so far, but I can already tell that what might to you or me seem like a simple thing to resolve (involving, oh, I don’t know, maybe looking at the meter, and paying particular attention to the bit where there is a huge letter m and a superscript 3, and then changing you records), is going to become another saga. The best bit is that when we move out in 4 months time, we get to do this all over again. Fantastic.

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  1. Either way…Lynn Faulds-Wood is waiting for your call…sorry – Annerobinson. Sorry – Anne. Robinson.

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