we confirm to Them that l’acquisto of the travel from demanded She e’ state concluded with happening

It’s just as well that I haven’t really got any work to do today, because it’s meant that I have been able to spend most of the working day making travel arrangements for our upcoming holiday in Croatia. At least now it’s a holiday in Croatia. Until this morning it was a holiday in Venice, that being the closest place we could get an even remotely reasonably priced flight to at short notice. Now I’ve at least got us as far as Split on the Dalmatian coast, via an overnight ferry crossing from Ancona, in Italy (on which, for comedy value, but mostly owing to it being rather fully booked, we will be travelling out in a first class cabin, and back in–hopefully–a seat each). That arranged, I just had to get us down to Ancona, and I may or may not have booked that journey via the TrenItalia website, given that the online booking only appears to work in the Italian version of the site. Italian being a language I don’t speak, I had to stumble through with a mixture of educated guesses, based on my knowledge of French and Spanish, and Babelfish.

Ok then, mostly Babelfish, but fantastic tool that it is, it does seem to mostly come up with things like this, from my confirmation email:

Kind MATTHEW ARMSTRONG, we confirm to Them that l’acquisto of the travel from demanded She e’ state concluded with happening. In the ringraziarLa in order to have chosen Trenitalia.com we supply Them here of continuation the relative data you to its purchase.

(I mean that’s just sloppy: it hasn’t even bothered to translate some of the words, half of it is just gibberish, and even I can work out that “con successo” means “with success”, not “with happening”).

So, really, I could have booked anything. Which sort of adds to the fun, really.

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  1. Kind MATTHEW ARMSTRONG; I am continuanzia enjoyment weblog of him at you.

    Cuando he eswriting es the el time merryment has is.

    Grazia thank!

  2. I was amused. To further my amusement I translated the first part of your post into Italian and back again using BabelFish. I think you’ll agree, the finished product is a great improvement…

    It’s hardly pure that the haven’t really has convinced all the job to make today, because it’s it has meant that I have been able to spend the greater part of the working gioranata one that takes agreements of race for our imminent festivity in the croatia. At least hour it’s a festivity in the croatia. Until this morning it was a festivity to Venice, to quell’essere the place that more neighbor we could even obtain a flight at a distance reasonably estimated nearly without warning. Hour I’ve has to at least arrive them to the split on the shoreline dalmatian, via a crossing of night of the ferry from Ancona, in Italy (on which, for value of comedy, but mainly because of it more rather completely that it is reserved, we will travel outside in one before posterior category and — eventually — in one erects shacks of the code center everyone). That organized, I have had to convince it hardly we to drain itself to Ancona and can or it cannot reserve that travel via the Web site of TrenItalia, since the booking online it only seems to work in the Italian version of the place. To be Italian a language the don’t speaks, I has had inciampare through with one mixture of the instructd conjectures, based on my acquaintance of French and Spanish and Babelfish.

  3. Fantastic. From now on, I’m going to translate all my blogs into another language and back again.

    Or should I say…

    Fantastic. D’ora in then, I’m that goes still translate all mine blogs in other language and posterior part.

    Do you think they use this at the UN?

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