Shabby. Just Shabby.

Last night we happened to catch the first few minutes (it was all we could take) of the new BBC 3 show, and shameless Richard Herring rip-off, Hercules. Unfortunately, unlike Herring’s witty and charming take on the concept of performing 12 near-impossible feats, the BBC show is vapid sub-Survivor rubbish taking itself far too seriously (one of the contestants is an extreme Gym champion, which tells you just about all you need to know), and the tasks are all things like who can hang from some hoops for the longest (although to give them their due, the BBC do display their typical quest for historical and mythical accuracy by requiring contestants to kill their own children in order to take part), but where is the animal killing that featured so prominently in the original labours? No shooting birds, killing a boar, or slaying the mythical hydra (although you’re allowed to cheat on this one by getting your nephew to help you)?

Presumably the prize for the series winner is the chance to impregnate the 49 daughters of King Thespius in one night, and then head on over to the Olympics and win every event, just like Hercules himself. The flash bastard.