So what are you doing on June 24-26 (and April 3)?

Oh, the usual, of course. I must say I am slightly baffled why the “news” story here, as reported by all corners of the media, is “No Glasto in 2006”. Why not “Glasto license approved for 2005”? How things have changed from a few years ago.

It’s not even really news anyway: 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001… you don’t have to be a genius to spot a pattern there. In fact, all this really does is make it that bit harder to get hold of tickets on April 3rd (a Sunday? really?) as the world and his wife (knowing there won’t be another one for 2 years) commences the annual DDoS attack on the woefully ill-equipped Win2K servers at Wayahead/See tickets…

1 thought on “So what are you doing on June 24-26 (and April 3)?”

  1. It would make a cynic wonder why they announced the news one-and-a-half years before the 2006 Glastonbury would be happening. And 3 months before the tickets to this year’s one go on sale. Not to whip everyone up into a state approaching hysteria in order to ensure all the tickets disappear within a couple of hours even before a single shabby band had been booked or confirmed surely?

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