Typical Monday Evening in Camden

Rob reports that his part of London has been experiencing heightened levels of crime recently. It must be catching: yesterday evening, on my way home from work I emerged from a particularly unpleasantly packed Northern Line to the sound of sirens wailing. Just your typical Monday evening in Camden, you might think, but as I pushed my way through the unwashed hordes waiting at the bus stop it became evident that something was going on. In Sainsbury’s, to be precise, where a blue jumpered chap was guarding the (locked) door and preventing a huge queue of people from entering the store and an even bigger queue of people from leaving the store with their purchases. Outside, there were two police vans parked up, and as I passed the doors a couple of policemen were heading for the door to sort something out… Unfortunately I didn’t stick around to establish the cause of the commotion (a particularly badly managed bomb threat, perhaps? a stakeout? a hostage situation? a fight over the last packet of Taste The Difference sausages in aisle 17?) but I was pleased to notice that despite the locked door, and the huge line of people between the tills and the door, queueing just to get out, I could still see a handful of people just casually wandering the aisles doing their shopping, apparently oblivious to events elsewhere.

A few minutes later on my walk home, I watched in disbelief as a bloke ran to try to get on a bus that was just pulling away from the stop. Once he realised he wasn’t going to get on it, he ran round the back and lifted up a small flap on the back of the bus (a fuel cap, perhaps?) and actually tried to hold onto the bus. Maybe he thought he could stop a packed double decker with only his bare hands, or pull it back towards him. Or perhaps he was just planning to ride from behind in the style of Michael J Fox in Back to the Future 2. Yes, that must have been it, because once he realised he had left his flying skateboard behind, he stopped trying to hold on and ran back down the street in the opposite direction.