At Least It Isn’t Heart FM

Well, I suppose this had to happen eventually, and you can’t really blame him for wanting to further his career (and presumably taking the big cheque he was offered), but it does present something of a quandary for my morning listening: the XFM breakfast show is always terrible whenever they have someone else in the chair, but do I follow O’Connell to Virgin, where he’ll no doubt have to play lots of terrible chart music, or do I stay put for a more indie, but perhaps ultimately less entertaining, morning listening experience?

2 thoughts on “At Least It Isn’t Heart FM”

  1. I don’t think I’m going to follow him. He’ll be nothing without Chris Smith as his foil. As long as he’s not replaced with our hairy but pointless West Country correspondent I’ll stick with the X.

  2. I bet XFM are pissed off, since they’ve just shelled out for that big ‘welcome to Christian’s world’ poster campaign…

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