Two Weeks

Er, hello, if there’s anybody left still reading. Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what happened to the last two weeks, and how I haven’t found the time to write anything here. I mean, jesus, I’m not Rob.

It’s not as if we haven’t been busy doing bloggable things: we have. If I hadn’t been so lazy busy with work, I might have told you about our lovely day trip to Brighton a couple of weekends ago, which contained just enough sunshine to leave us lightly toasted, and which was topped off with some excellent fish and chips. Maybe, if I had been bothered, I might have mentioned our highly successful bank holiday barbecue, during which we finally christened the February purchase that had up till that point spent most of its young life slowly rusting on the patio. I could even have told you about our multiple trips to Brick Lane, our attendance at yet another excellent First Friday (a particular highlight of which was watching one of my teenage heroes, the former Evening Session presenter Steve “good face for radio” Lamacq performing Babylon’s Burning in Punk Rock Karaoke), or our excursion to a rainy New Forest.

Sadly, I can’t tell you about any of those things, or describe any of the highly amusing japes we got up to and situations we found ourselves it. Too much time has passed, alas. You’ll just to make something up for yourselves.

Let us never speak of this again.