Estate Agents

Still no progress getting in touch with the elusive landlady, but we’ve started the initial stage of flat hunting at least. So far that hasn’t amounted to much more than my idle work-avoidance interwebs browsing, and I’ve been casually wading through the barrage of identikit, exclamation heavy adverts stuffed with phrases like “Must be seen!” and “First to see will take!”

I’ve noticed some unusual stuff, though. One property (sadly I neglected to bookmark the ad) offered an “open flan” kitchen. I quite like the sound of that. Another one (this one) purports to have “1 bedroom 1 reception room 11 bathrooms”. Well, that’s “unusually spacious” indeed. I suppose I’d never have to wait for Sal to get out of there in the morning, but surely a tad excessive, even for us?