Pleasing Some of the People…

Inspired by today’s Warming Up, I have been amusing myself with some casual work avoidance tactics by perusing the various reviews of the shows we saw at Edinburgh on the official fringe website.

As Richard himself points out, the reviews of his own show are somewhat polarised, and as such there is plenty of amusement value to be had in reading the reviews that give him the lowest ratings (rather like that game you can play on Amazon where you look for classic novels, albums, or films and sort the customer reviews in reverse order).

Jenny, from Glasgow, for example, has clearly had a sarcasm bypass:

“As he said at the end of the show, he’s been in stand-up so long he doesn’t do it for the audiences enjoyment but for his, and if he notices people aren’t laughing he loves to go on and on and on watching them squirm with boredom, which is not much fun if you’re in the audience.”

Well indeed Jenny, I’m sure that when he says that he intends it to be taken literally.

Elsewhere: “His material was boring and offensive and just for the record, this review is not written by either of the 2 women who walked out.” Hmm. Methinks the lady doth protest too much…

It’s not just confined to the Herring. Stewart Lee’s reviews are mostly the glowing 5 star reviews that you would expect, but in amongst them are gems like these:

“The reason we went was the recommendation by Ricky Gervais. ??? Don’t believe it. After too long one man walked out. I wished I had followed. I wanted to laugh, but instead sat there contemplating the meaning of life.”

“We obviously hadn’t done enough research on him to get all his ‘jokes’ or seemingly pointless tirade against the church, or Joe Pasquale (who i wish was there instead).”

Well if you genuinely have no idea why Stewart Lee might be a little miffed at the church (in spite of the fact that he mentions this several times during the show), then it’s just possible that you are in the wrong place. But seriously, Joe Pasquale? Perhaps you’d be better off with Tim Vine and his collection of excruciating puns. If ever you needed proof that most people are idiots, and are so very very wrong most of the time, just try reading some of the glowing reviews awarded to this pathetic excuse for a comedian. (“Tim Vine is a comic great whose delivery is so funny on its own he finds no need to swear or delve into taboo material.” And that’s a good thing?) Jeez. 10 minutes of the man was 10 too many for me. I can’t begin to imagine what a whole hour would be like.

2 thoughts on “Pleasing Some of the People…”

  1. People are idiots, damn right. And so wrong. Yet they accuse me of being wrong! I’ve had to block emails from cretins who find my Amazon reviews and proceed to pester me with some ill-thought out, mis-spelt and illogical explanation of why some over-hyped piece of trash is actually a sparkling literary treat penned by a genius. I’m never putting my email address on an Amazon review again.

    no need to swear or delve into taboo material – I mean, this person is obviously some cannabilistic masturbating fucktard.

  2. Insult Tim Vine? How dare you! He’s the best comedian around. His puns are “excruciating”? Contrived maybe, but that’s often what makes them hilarious. I put it to you that you are a comedy snob who considers such “lowly” forms of humour as puns beneath him.

    At least I know that all Stewart Lee fans aren’t such cocks because he’s my second favourite comedian. But then that’s because he’s often not preachy and/or satirical, but mixes it with silly stuff. And silly makes for the best comedy.

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