And so Friday’s 5.30pm rolled around, and I found myself not really doing much of anything at my desk, so I decided to head off to Heathrow, ridiculously early of course, but at least on holiday. Probably just as well, in the end, as I had to endure an excruciating wait to check in at the Singapore Airlines desk, standing in a queue that failed spectacularly to move for absolutely ages. Seriously, what takes some people so long? Oh look, there’s Mr flying economy but I’ve got ten million bags to check in, and oh, there’s Ms don’t know why it’s taken me ten million years to be allocated a seat on this plane and given a printed bit of paper, but I’m waving a credit card around for some reason. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Rather predictably, this was followed by a similarly baffling delay at security (I mean do people not realise that, um, metal objects are going to set the alarms off, and things will be a lot quicker for everyone if they put them in their hand luggage before they get to the scanner? No, obviously not).

Anyway, I eventually got through security in time to grab a rather disgusting meal in one of the restaurants (washed down with a couple of hoegaardens that left me feeling surprisingly tipsy), grab a book or two for the flight and the holiday, and head over to find my plane.

The first 13 hours of my trip, which have brought me to Singapore, have been fairly uneventful. I watched The Wedding Crashers, which was much worse than I expected it to be (i.e., ultimately just a generic romantic comedy, with all the usual clichés), and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was rather better than I expected it to be. Perhaps a sign of a Burton renaissance. And I spent hours upon hours watching that little plane image slowly crossing that little computer map of the world that you get. At one point I woke to see us skirting around the top edge of Iraqi airspace by just a few pixels, and then heading just past Tehran. Strange to think of all the things going on below us as the 747 rumbled on.

Purely for novelty value, I was almost going to start this blog from 30,000 feet (a service that Singapore Airlines are now offering), but sadly I think my laptop battery would barely have survived the time it would have taken to log on. So I’m in Singapore using the free wireless access. Because I can.

See you in Melbourne.

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  1. I suppose your holiday is only taking you through Singapore on a transit basis, but if you happen to be stepping out of Changi airport on the way back to England and want some tips, feel free to ask. :)

  2. Unfortunately I am only there for a few hours of sleep on the way back as well, but if I ever land there for a bit longer I’ll be sure to ask!

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