So explain this to me again: How exactly does Ian Blair still have a job?

According to the leaks from the latest report into the de Menezes shooting, Sir Ian Blair didn’t actually lie to the media after all, because the people who knew the truth were too scared to tell him. Apparently, according to some people, that makes everything ok. Well, then… he’s just an incompetent manager, feared by his subordinates, but at least he’s not a liar.

Now, I’ve always felt that he was in something of a no-win drown-him-if-he’s-a-witch catch 22 situation here: he either mislead the media, in which case he should go, or he “runs” an organisation that is so ineffective that it took a full 24 hours for him to discover what many of us suspected within hours of the event.

Either way, I can’t see how he should remain in the job. Can you?