Assorted Monday-ness

– Is it wrong that, on seeing this 1978 photo of Microsoft staffers that’s been doing the rounds again recently, that my main thought was “I wonder what happened to their tech author…”?

– Despite it being nearly three weeks since my (private) company moved into a floor of a building otherwise occupied by a government department, I only noticed this morning that there is a permanent sign in reception displaying the current “bikini alert” status for the UK. Apparently we’re currently on “black special” bikini alert (which appears to roughly approximate to “pretty much anything could happen, at any time, in any place; we’re not really sure, sorry!”) but I’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes.

– Finally, some celeb spotting:

Sal phones, excited
“Liam, at the ATM!”
“Quick,” I say, “Phone

Guy from Hollyoaks
(Tony’s brother in real life
and fake) near Euston