A while back, I mentioned that I’d started uploading all my old photos onto Flickr. Now, I really like some things about Flickr, like the fact that the storage space is effectively unlimited, but I’ve never been entirely happy with some other aspects of the site.

For example, I really don’t like the way everything is ordered by the date it was uploaded (which means absolutely nothing to me) and not the date when it was taken (and in the recent redesign, one of my favourite navigational tools, the calendar, was hidden away behind several layers of menu item). I’ve also never been keen on the fact that, despite storing several different sizes of each shot, the only practical way they allow you to browse your photos is with the default, tiny sized ones (which is fine if you have a rubbish dial-up connection, but in the age of broadband, I’d be much happier if they at least gave you the option of easily looking through the pictures at a larger size).

Luckily, none of that actually matters, because one of the best things about Flickr is that they provide this cracking API that exposes just about every bit of information about your photos that you could need.

And that means, that I can do this: www.mattarmstrong.co.uk/photos

All the photo files are the very same ones that are hosted on Flickr, but the navigation is much more aligned with the way I’d like to show our photos off to the world.

– The photos in the photostream are in the order they were taken.
– The calendar is nice and easy to get to.
– When you look at the individual photos, it’s the “large” size (and there’s a handy “Download Original” button at the bottom if you want to save a copy of the full size version).
– You can navigate through through the images by clicking on the left or right side of a photo.

I still have a few more things to add, but it’s mostly there. So it’s up to you. Stick with the Flickr version, or look at my version. Whatever you prefer, I guess…

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