Oi: Banks! Why Are You So Rubbish?

See, there I was, just innocently trying to pay off my credit card, when I entered a bizarre world of circular logic:

The amount entered must be greater than the minimum payment and no larger than the current balance. Current Balance: £40.98. Minimum Payment: £41.44.

So I try to email them to let them know that there may be a teeny weeny bug in the error-checking logic here. The web form that they give you for typing messages to them is about 1 inch square, but I write a detailed summary of the problem anyway, knowing this will more than likely be read by an idiot somewhere who won’t actually understand me (and/or care). I click send. Gah! For some ridiculous reason they are limiting the number of characters your are allowed to type in the message to 255. (Why? How can you say anything in 255 characters?) At this point I have already written 4 times as much as this, and consequently end up spending the next 10 minutes editing this down into increasingly incomprehensible txt spk. I click send again and despair. I’m still waiting for them to respond with a form response addressing some entirely different issue. I dunno why I bother.

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