A couple of apologies:

1) Well (if anyone still cares) I will get around to documenting the rest of our trip to America eventually, but, you know, it’s just finding the time and all that…

2) Then again, most of the times recently that I’ve thought I might pop over and write a blog, the bloody site has been down. I think Freedom2Surf fixed the database problems I was moaning about the other week, but now their server seems to have packed up altogether.

If anyone is ever actually able to read this, then I’m sorry. If it’s not sorted out very quickly, then I’m going to have to seriously look for a new host…

And if anyone is in any doubt that the problem is pretty bad, then this makes pretty conclusive reading.

(The irony of trying to use this blog as a medium for informing people about the website being down is not lost on me, of course…)

UPDATE: Of course, now I’ve posted this things seem to be back up and running ok. How long that will last is anyone’s guess though. As a possible interim solution, I’m now mirroring the site at the old address: www.pastemagazine.f2s.com. I think it’s hosted on a different server, so if you can’t get on to www.pastemagazine.org then there is just a chance that that version of the site will still be up.

UPDATE (2): And then this weekend I received an email reply from F2S to my support ticket about the downtime. Although they can’t say when they will be able to fix it, they do at least acknowledge that there is a problem and that they are working on it. Perhaps most surprising is that fact that they emailed me on a Saturday (especially given that they’d previously let a database outage go unfixed for an entire weekend). Things seem to be back up and running properly again for the time being, and I don’t really have the time right now to be looking for a decent replacement, so I guess I’ll leave things as they are for now and see what happens… (I choose the devil I know. For now…)