It Was Only A Matter Of Time…

Any plans I may have had to catch up with some blogging in this slightly quieter of weeks have been dashed somewhat by the fact that my ageing laptop nearly died last night. I’m not a happy bunny… it was sitting on the table happily downloading some files when suddenly there was a funny noise.

“What’s happened to your computer?” asked Sal, spotting the dreaded Blue Screen of Death…

Now it’s all like “hard disk error” this and “unable to mount boot volume” that, and flat-out refuses to start up at all. The recovery stuff on the Windows install disc is no help either. The best the disk checking utility can come up with is “this disc appears to have unrecoverable errors”. Well thanks for that…

Luckily, I actually backed-up my most important files last weekend, (for the first time in about six months, I should add) so assuming it is just the hard drive that needs replacing, then the worst case will be that I’ve lost the few blurry photos from the Gomez gig that I didn’t upload to Flickr, the snippit of video I took of Whippin’ Picadilly, and some other photos from Friday night.

(Oh and not to mention the hours it will take to reinstall everything…)

Memo to Self: Make More Regular Backups.

2 thoughts on “It Was Only A Matter Of Time…”

  1. Why don’t you try Ubuntu before re-installing Windows? I’ve got a disk knocking around if you want it….


  2. I already have, actually. It took almost a week to get everything installed again.

    This was a Windows SP1 disc as well, so when I first ran Windows Update it made me install 61 critical updates. And that was before SP2.

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