“…a band called The Kaiser Chiefs, who were, well, alright, I guess”

In a bizarre twist, 2 and a bit years on from the first time we saw them there, last night Sal and I once again managed, for free, to see “a band called the Kaiser Chiefs” at Koko playing a bunch of songs we’d never heard before.

This time, it was because they were recording a stack of new material for broadcast on “The Album Chart Show” on channel 4 (footage that is no doubt destined to be reused as each one respectively troubles the singles charts). There was a lot of hanging around (although we did also get to see the excellent Gruff Rhys–he of Super Furries fame–and also Patrick Wolf who I think I would have enjoyed if I hadn’t been back at the bar at the time and consequently unable to hear anything), but it was probably worth it, if only because we were rewarded with a couple of old songs after the cameras had stopped rolling.

Oh and a sleb spot too. Does this count? (It was in the Vietnamese down the road before the recording, rather than the venue…)

Presenter Joe Mace
At the table next to us
Talking crap, to friends