Going Dutch…

Just a quick one to apologise to anyone who might have popped in this morning for the usual fix of sarcasm and cynicism and found themselves not at www.pastemagazine.org, but instead at www.pderoode.com. Or indeed at any one of these sites (or indeed several others):



Our hosting company, Freedom2RunAReallyShittyService, in their infinite wisdom, appear to have decided to randomly serve up one of the other sites on the same server instead of this one.

Perhaps they were trying to tell me something.
Or perhaps they’re just utterly incompetent.
You decide.

2 thoughts on “Going Dutch…”

  1. I had the same weird effect on D’log for about 30 minutes a few nights ago. Only the sites were different. F2S are owned by the ailing Pipex, whose sale recently crashed and burned. My guess would be that they may be spending less than they should on techies. Still, given the level of complete non-service we had back before Xmas, the current hickups are bearable.

  2. The annoying thing is that they used to be so very reliable before the Pipex takeover. But over the last year they’ve just got worse and worse. Presumably they fired everyone who knew what they were doing after the takeover and replaced them with monkeys.

    Anyway. I’m fed up with the whole thing: my project for the next couple of weeks when I get the time is to find a more reliable host and switch. Not quite sure how difficult that is going to be, mind

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