Interesting bit of context advertising in yesterday’s Guardian, here. I don’t know about you, but I can’t say that reading about the plane crash in Sao Paulo that killed 183 people makes me want to jump on a train to Gatwick, no matter how quick said train might be…

The Guardian

And I keep seeing this advert around on the Tube. I’m not saying that allergies aren’t a real problem for many people, but as a non-sufferer, I’m a bit confused about at least one of the “allergens” they’ve chosen to highlight in this typical camping scene. Down there in the bottom left corner, there’s a little label pointing to some tomatoes. Tomatoes?

Now maybe I’m showing my uncaring ignorance here, but surely, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from an allergy to tomatoes, then you can take steps to remedy that by, er, not eating them… Are they seriously trying to suggest that there are people who come back from a camping trip saying “oh it was awful: some people on the other side of the field kept eating tomatoes and I just couldn’t stop sneezing. If only I’d taken some piriton…”

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes...

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