Phew! That’s A Relief…

Well, it’s over: some of us thought it would never happen, but finally the great Coldplay “silence” of 2007 has been broken. The NME has the exclusive:

Coldplay break silence

I don’t know what you have been doing during this long, difficult period of silence, but I’ve spent most of the year so far just hoping and praying that Chris and those other blokes (whatever they’re called) would speak to us. Christopher. Why did you neglect us for so long?

And now they have spoken. We now know that their new album will contain “nine tracks”. Wow. So many of us would have expected eleven. I predicted twelve, but it was not to be. Nine is truly a radical departure.

1 thought on “Phew! That’s A Relief…”

  1. Perhaps the silence has been down to the waxy build up in Chris Martin’s ears. It looks as though he’s still trying to shift the last of it.

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