Trick Question?

I was just doing one of those YouGov surveys that they send to me from time to time.

Um. I’m not quite sure how to answer that last question, though… Anyone?

YouGov survey, 2 Nov 07: Do you thing Sir Menzies Campbell is doing a good job in his role as leader of the Liberal Democrats

(I don’t know if I “thing” anything about Ming, really, but I do thing that Tony Blairs and Iain Duncan Smith are doing sterling work for their respective parties…)

2 thoughts on “Trick Question?”

  1. Hmmm…Not sure you’ve answered the other questions accurately either…

    Can’t stand the Brand Index surveys. Always scarifice my 50p reward and ignore them.

  2. Oh I just click things at random. Actually, I think that answers both your points…

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