Mine Of Comic Potential

As part of my tireless work for my soon to be ex-company’s social committee, I happened upon an email yesterday advertising the services of this company. It’s good to know that if we ever need to book Chas n’ Dave for an event you can get them playing live for just three grand (although perhaps that figure should be taken with a tiny pinch of salt given that they are also quoting £5,000 – £6,000 for Edwin Starr, and I’m not sure he gives the best performances these days, considering he’s been dead for five years).

Elsewhere on the site, there’s some fun to be had with their lookalikes. I can’t quite believe that there is such demand that they need two Hitlers on their books, and I’m not too sure how good a lookalike this guy is of Jesus, but I’m most amused by Salman Rushdie, who clearly does so well out of his lookalike career that he could only afford £2.50 to get his portfolio shot done in a photo booth.

Oh, and I can’t imagine that the Gary Glitter tribute act that they have on their books gets much work these days. Perfect for children’s parties, perhaps…?