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Oh. Did I mention that you can buy any drugs you like over the counter here? There’s none of that time consuming “getting a doctor to write you a prescription” lark that we have at home, you can just wander into a pharmacy and ask for whatever you feel like. And then they sell them to you.

For the Inca Trail, for example, we prescribed ourselves some pre-emptive antibiotics, to avoid any potential awkward situations, and one day, after a particularly tough night in cramped seats on an overnight bus, Sal popped out to pick up some Valium for use on future journeys (well, the lady offered us a choice between Xanax and Valium, but we bought the Valium as it was a quarter of the price, at just S/.1 a tablet…)


With cheap laundries in every town, we quickly gave up on the concept of hand washing and have been dropping our stuff in to be washed and dried at regular intervals. This has had the interesting effect of gradually making all my clothes shrink. Every time they come back, my T-Shirts are marginally smaller than they were before, so presumably by the end of the trip I’ll be able to get so much more into my bag, as I’ll be able to squeeze my entire wardrobe into the side pocket.

One question remains, though: we’ve spent a significant proportion of the trip so far at altitudes above 2,500 metres, and all the laundries charge by weight. Is it more cost-effective to do your laundry at altitude, or do the laundries up their prices to compensate? Should I save up my dirty clothes for the next time we go up a mountain?

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  1. Hey Matt – where’s the latest S America entry?! Wondering where you are. Or maybe the S Am trip is over. Anyway, keep ’em coming. If you are still there, are you in Ecuador?
    dan (ex trayport!).

  2. It’s coming, I promise… I’ve just been absent from the internet for a while. I’ve been writing everything down, though, and on Friday we move into our appartment in BA, which we’re renting for the whole of August. It comes with internet access, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up.

    We skipped Ecuador in the end: Peru, Bolivia, a bit of Chile and a lot of Argentina so far. Uruguay and Brazil to come…

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