It’s A Long Way To Aberfeldie

At the risk of giving away the ending, this is just a quick note to say that–in the unlikely event that anyone out there actually cares–we did manage to get out of South America alive and in fact have made it as far as Singapore, where we’re staying with friends before we land in Melbourne next week.

We went the long way round, via Southport and then London, to see everyone for one last time, abuse everyone’s hospitality with a second set of “leaving drinks”, and say goodbye Piccadilly and farewell Leicester Square, as it were. We then headed on east to make it three continents in ten days. On Monday that will be four in two weeks (we’re only missing North America, Africa and Antarctica–truly we are screwing the planet one air mile at a time…)

I will eventually get round to writing up what happened after we left BA, though. And yeah, I know I’ve said that before–never did finish documenting our Cuba trip two years ago–but this time it might actually happen, as looking at how few Melbourne-based tech writer jobs seem to be lingering on the job sites it looks like I’ll have some time on my hands over the next few weeks/months…