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So a while ago now I was on the 67 tram one evening after work. It always fills up pretty quickly on its way up St Kilda Road, and as usual we were standing room only before we were half way to the city. I think I was staring out of the window, or reading my book, and so I didn’t notice a couple of older ladies–maybe in their mid 60s–until the couple opposite me had stood up to offer them their seats. After briefly attempting to refuse the offer (“we’re not that old” they protested) they took the seats and turned to the couple now standing beside them to impart the news they were clearly bursting to tell to someone:

“We’ve been to Deal or No Deal” said the first lady.
“And we won!” her friend chipped in. “Thirty Six Thousand Dollars!

Well that isn’t something you hear everyday on the tram (not that you ever really hear that much of anything on the tram). After a bit more explaining to the couple (they were going to share it between the two of them and their husbands; the show would be airing early in the new year) the two ladies went back to talking to each other.

“It has been a nice day, hasn’t it?” said one.
“Oh yes. And he’s so nice isn’t he? The way he talks to you, even when they’re not filming…”

[He, then, would be Andrew O’Keefe, the show’s Australian host, who, in a former life, when he was briefly a lawyer, once used to work with my sister–the old ladies might not think so highly of him now, though, after some shaky cameraphone footage of him rolling around being a bit drunk outside a bar on Chapel Street after a night out ended up splashed all over the Herald Sun in a slow news week just before Christmas.]

“Yes, such a nice day,” concluded the ladies to themselves. “I don’t think I can ever remember a day out as nice as this one.”

Now I’m just guessing here, but I can’t help thinking that maybe–just maybe–the thirty six thousand dollars might have had something to do with that…