Lost Email

One of the downsides to having got in on Gmail early enough to get my real name as my username is that as time goes by I seem to be collecting more and more messages intended for other Matt Armstrongs who weren’t so lucky.

It’s not spam, as such, but real messages from real people that have just wound up in the wrong inbox by mistake. One of my old work colleagues used to have a moderately amusing blog documenting the fun he had replying to the ones he used to get, but I usually just delete them and move on.

Still, it’s interesting to gain a small insight into what these other mysterious Matt Armstrongs around the world are up to. I’ve been cc’d on messages from their family members, sent circulars from the Central Indiana Christian Songwriters Association, and even been thanked by one of their mums for the birthday present… And earlier this year I found out that there is another Matt Armstrong somewhere along the Great Ocean Road who co-chairs a conservation group called Otway Ranges Climate Action. It is indeed a small world.

This, though, is the weirdest one yet:

From: [Some Random Person From San Diego]
Subject: misc

Hey, I was thinking if you do call Caroline/Crestmont, don’t ask her for laundry reimbursement info, just tell her we’ll take it off next months rent. I don’t want to give her more time to avoid and proscratinate.

Also, about the loan you’re going to try to get…maybe you should call your parents first (?) and make sure it’s okay, then investigate or ask them if they know of good loan companies. I think this all needs to happen ASAP or we’re screwed and I’ll have to get a job.

How’s fatso doing? I miss her already.

So. Many. Unanswered. Questions…

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