Hey. So you know when you receive an email that isn’t spam as such but is from a real person who meant to send it to another real person that isn’t you but is probably someone with the same name as you and a very similar email address, and you read the message and think “this is sufficiently weird that it would make a great easy blog post to just stick the whole message up verbatim and invite people to wonder what it all means”?

Well, that.

From: Angus Mcleod
To: Me
Subject: Excercises

Hey mate,

Great to see you at the weekend. Was cool to hang out and lovely for me that
my little babies thought you rock.Thanks also for the chat about that
weirdness on Monday night. Its a headfuck but nice to talk to someone else
about it as sharing lessens its power. Hey also can you get me some more
english lesson resources from the school like discussed. That would be
wicked. Hope youre well. Will try and get into field to check the score.
Big love Angx

Just what was that weirdness on Monday night? We can never know.