Suite at the Hilton, dahling

Somewhat optimistically, the locals (or at least Gary, Sal’s friend Anna’s uncle, who took us on a tour of the city) like to think of Perth as a kind of mini Sydney, without the fancy bridge and concert hall, obviously, but with an impressive harbour, and lots of sunshine.

Sunset, Perth

The views of the city from the Kings Park are stunning, especially during the evening as the sun goes down, reflecting its orange glow back off the skyscrapers.

Perth, from the belltower

The view from our suite on the top floor of the Hilton was slightly less impressive (with the exception of the bizarre art exhibit we could see down below) given that someone had had the audacity to build a whole pile of skyscrapers between us and the Swan river (although they did provide a stock ticker on the top of one of them, apparently visible only to us and the workers on sufficiently elevated levels of the adjacent buildings–a nice thought, even if the fate of the ASX wasn’t upmost in our minds as we ate our room service breakfast each morning listening to the Something For Kate album).

The Bell Tower, Perth

Anyhow, Perth provided a pleasant, and sunny, end to our trip, and made us both very sad to be getting on the plane and heading home on Sunday night. Oh well, back to reality, I guess.

Suite at the Hilton

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  1. Well helloo Matt! great to get onto your website thingy…….. where are the piccies of my wedding? Hope you had a great time in Australia, look after that precious girl. Hope to one day see you in the rainy city!

  2. Hey Liv! Yeah, it’d be great to see you if you ever make it back to this side of the world (assuming of course that you meant London by “the rainy city”, not Melbourne…)

    Australia was fab. Sorry about the lack of wedding related pictures; the only one up at the moment is the picture of our succulents, safe in their new home in Essendon. I’ll stick up some wedding pictures when I get a chance…

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