…Vulture Street, which was named after the street in Brisbane where the album was cut…

BBQs attended 4, BBQs assembled 1, beautiful sunsets 2, hot air balloon trips 1, rainy days 1, sunny days at least 15, loops of Qantas radio channel 7 on which I heard the same 3 Powderfinger/Alex Lloyd songs at least 10, thousand miles flown over 20, photographs taken 181, bottles of champagne 3, bottles of wine too many to remember, longneck bottles of VB far too many, weddings 1, kangaroos lots, quiet country towns 2, dramatic coastal roads 1, games of tennis 1, posh hotels 2

Ah well, back to reality then I suppose. Roll on Christmas…

Sunsets over the beaches... (Cottesloe)

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  1. Alright Matt – are you going to put up some of your photos to illustrate your impressive statistics? Not necessarily 181, but want to see “kangaroos lots”, “quiet country towns 2” and “beautiful sunsets 2”. It’s the simple things, you understand.
    Free for a beer on Sunday 21st?

  2. Hello mate. Yes, I do intend to add some photos, but they are mostly at home on my camera, and I’m at work. I might get round to it this evening.

    In the meantime, though, here’s a picture I took of a kangaroo and her joey at the golf course:

    Kangaroo and Joey, Anglesea Golf Course, Mon 24 Nov, 2003

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