Hypothetical Situation (We are not at home to Mr Cockup)

Suppose you made a huge mess of the ticket selling arrangements for a major hypothetical music festival, and subsequently discovered that your woefully inadequate hypothetical ticketing system had issued hundreds (or thousands?) of duplicate ticket orders to unsuspecting ticket buyers. Suppose you then discovered that despite the entirely fictional event having officially “sold out”, you were left with a huge number of cancelled (and therefore unsold) duplicates.

Would you:

(a) publicly announce that there were still tickets available for the event, causing an unholy scramble for tickets, and overloading your system. Again.

(b) quietly sell off the remaining tickets on your website without really telling anyone?

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Official line: There will be no further issue of tickets. Duplicate orders have been cancelled and returned to the system and have all now been sold. Any further returned tickets and duplicate orders will be absorbed by outstanding needs.

Unofficial official line: http://www.seetickets.com/glastonbury2004/

1 thought on “Hypothetical Situation (We are not at home to Mr Cockup)”

  1. And now they are gone. Again. But will they be the last?

    Whether or not there will be any more, it is worth looking at that story on the BBC site if only to read about Michael Eavis’s innovative plans to issue tickets via a tombola next year. Presumably we should all form an orderly queue outside Worthy Farm and wait our turn to have five goes at picking out a ticket.

    Well, it might be worth a go, but only if it’s 50p a pop…

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