Man has affair with woman

I don’t want to dwell on this non-news story, but I happened to click on the link to this story entirely because of the headline: Loos: ‘Becks Made Me Feel A Million Dollars’. For a split second I really wanted this to be an article about some literal money-stroking fetish, so I was very disappointed to discover that she was just trotting out a trite cliche. The revelation in the story also isn’t going to have me rushing to Sky One to watch the interview tonight. Apparently he made her (metaphorically) feel a million dollars by feeding her “strawberries for breakfast”. Wow: fruit! If that isn’t the lifestyle of a multi-millionaire playboy, I don’t know what is.

“He brought in some fruit and started feeding me strawberries,” she said in the exclusive interview.

So shouldn’t the headline really be Loos: ‘Becks Made Me Feel £1.59 ($2)’?

4 thoughts on “Man has affair with woman”

  1. Oh yes, I have to say that I won’t be watching the Sky One documentary tonight. I’ll be watching it Sunday night because I’ve set TiVo to record it. I think that’s probably even worse!

  2. He didn’t make me feel like a million dollars.

    Didn’t make Rebecca Loos feel like a million dollars either I’ll wager: not at the current exchange rate anyway. $1.5M maybe, but to claim it’s just a million cheapens the whole affair.

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