New Toy

You now, it’s terrible, really: Sal goes away for a few days and I can’t help myself but go shopping and spend lots of money. Ostensibly heading to Tottenham Court Road on Saturday afternoon to help someone else with a laptop purchase, I ended up returning with a lovely shiny new 60GB iPod photo, which is currently sync-ing the better part of my record collection as I type.

It wasn’t exactly an impulse buy, as I’d been thinking about picking one up for a while, given that my old MP3 player is looking rather dated these days–and I’ve long since filled up it up. But now I have 60 lovely gigabytes to fill, an amount that seems just as huge as my old player’s 20GB did four years ago. Then again, I should be ok for a while: my record collection, according to iTunes, now runs to 6311 songs, which is somewhere around 25GB and would take the best part of 18.5 days to listen to. But considering it took me over 10 years to amass a record collection that fills barely half of the tiny little box I’ve just bought, I should be ok for a while.

You’ve got to love the 21st Century: not only does today’s technology allow me to indulge my inner obsessive-compulsive hoarder on a grand scale, but it also offers a wonderful contemporary equivalent of alphabetising your CD collection: sorting out the track and album titles, downloading album artwork, and categorising everything by genre…

Hmm… Looks like I may be some time.

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  1. Just so you know, there’s a plug-in for Winamp which will sync your tunes with an iPod, so you don’t have to use the bloated iTunes. All you have to use iTunes for is to transfer photos (though I’m sure someone will come up with an alternative to that soon).

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