Mr Goldie, I Should Have Taken Your Odds…

My contribution to the team might not have extended much beyond insisting on a selection of incorrect answers–I could offer only a small handful of correct ones, and one of those was about Star Trek (hangs head in shame)–but it would be remiss of me not to mention our unprecedented success at the Hemingford Arms pub quiz last night: at one point in the quiz someone actually wondered out loud if we could bear to put our names to the piece of paper on which we had scribbled what we believed to be a series of entirely incorrect answers. At the end, though, as the quiz lady read through the names of the teams in order, with ours nowhere to be heard, it emerged that Ken Hom’s Hot Worms (my other contribution to our achievement; don’t ask…) had somehow triumphed with a quite remarkable score of 33, some 6 points more than the second-placed team. I still can’t quite believe it.

Oh, and the evening also yielded the following haiku:

Floppy-haired actor,
Game On, film with Kidman.
Not winning the quiz

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  1. Matt, you’re too hard on yourself: the team name was the best “answer” of the evening.

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