London Fun

To the UCL Bloomsbury theatre, on Friday night, for some rather entertaining comedy, compered by the unexpectedly funny Simon Amstell (he off of Popworld), and featuring various funny people (including the excellent Rob Rouse, and the actor Kevin Eldon).

To the UCL Bloomsbury theatre, on Saturday night, to retrieve Sal’s purse, which she appears to have left on the bar the previous night. Unfortunately, she didn’t realise she’d even lost it until we reached Vauxhall station, on our way to drinks in Clapham, on Saturday afternoon, and I therefore had to dash back to check the flat in Camden, before we established that, yes, it was indeed still at the venue, and, yes, it did indeed still contain all her credit cards, her driving license, various other bits of non essential plastic and thirty five quid. Fringe benefit of attending a charidee gig, I suppose.

I had hoped to catch some of the FA Cup Final on Saturday, but in the end, despite originally leaving the house at 3, just as it kicked off, the three trips across central London that I ended up making meant that I didn’t arrive at the pub we were heading for in Clapham until some twenty minutes after the end of the game (this despite extra time and penalties). Oh well, doesn’t sound like I missed much anyway.