On The Subject of Gig Tickets…

…for events taking place at the end of next month, I expect the Glastonbury tickets will be on their way out soon. Frankly, I’m not at all surprised about this. When I got my glasto ticket, I immediately applied for one of these pointless pieces of plastic, and said card arrived some weeks ago. As far as my experience goes, I can’t see any possible way that anyone could get around the system–can you?

– Complete online form on Citizen Card website, providing details of a solicitor to act as a referee.
– Receive email welcoming me to the Citizen Card scheme, asking me to EMAIL a photo of myself for the card and a scan of my signature.
– Receive card three weeks later.
– Referee is not called at any point (and even if he had been, he wouldn’t have seen the photo or signature anyway).

As I said, flawless.

“There’s no way fraudsters will get through the system” – official festival website.