Idly flicking through the channels last night, after returning from a lovely curry with friends to celebrate Sal’s birthday (and to avoid any of that hallmark sponsored nonsense that might have been going on elsewhere), we chanced upon a late-night “adult” episode of the shabby student soap Hollyoaks. For reasons that were never adequately explored or explained, everyone appeared to be in the North West’s finest shabby seaside resort, my old home town of Southport. I shouldn’t be surprised, really, given that Hollyoaks is made by Phil Redmond’s Mersey Television, who occasionally used to film snippets of Brookside in the town (and I seem to recall that at least one character from that show came to a rather murky end buried beneath Southport’s miles and miles of golden sand dunes).

Last night’s episode of Hollyoaks mostly covered various characters hanging around in rather drab, chintzy looking hotels (yep, that’s Southport alright). The only exterior shots consisting of a couple of blokes wandering around a small area (well, round about here, actually) near the fair and the sea front (and there appeared to be some kind of sub plot about the characters having previously ridden on Southport Funland’s very own low-budget answer to Blackpool’s Pepsi Max Big One roller coaster, the Tizer Traumatizer).

(Sorry, I’ve just realised that there’s no actual point to this entry, I don’t have anything funny to say about it, and I’m not quite sure how to end it, so why don’t we just stop now and pretend this never happened. Right. Carry on…)

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  1. What? Why did I read this? Why did you write it? Southport’s great, lookin good these days & its a nice place to be stoned in, esp the summer. Its Not particually rough or shabby. Imagine living in manchester surrounded by bricks and warehouses, oh and mancs!! Hell NO!!

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